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Artistic Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery in Eugene, Oregon

Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Garth Meldrum combines art and science to bring excellent cosmetic results to his patients.  Dr. Meldrum’s practice prides itself on patient privacy and personal attention to detail in surgery and service.

An Artist?s Touch With the Precision of a Surgeon

Dr. Garth Meldrum specializes in all areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, body and breast.  Commonly performed procedures are:

A message from Dr. Meldrum:

Thank you for visiting our web site.   One of the founding fathers of plastic surgery, Dr. Tagliacozzi (1597) said, “We restore, repair, and make whole those parts which nature has given but fortune has taken away.  Not so much that they may delight the eye but that they may buoy up the spirit and help the mind of the afflicted.” Dr. Tagliacozzi’s message still holds true today. 

Time and life experiences eventually catch up to all of us. Whether this results in visual signs of aging or functional deficits due to aging speaks to the fine line between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. I have the privilege of working with many inspiring patients, all of whom have a shared common goal, to look and feel better.  As a board certified plastic surgeon and artist, I pledge to devote all of my skills and service to help you accomplish your aspirations to look and feel rejuvenated.

I encourage you to call my office for an appointment or for any inquiries about plastic and cosmetic surgery.  I look forward to seeing you.

Garth Meldrum MD